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The RightCycle™ Programme – by Kimberly-Clark Professional®

Kimberly-Clark Professional® is committed to leading the way to zero waste in landfills. As a result they created The RightCycle Program—an industry-changing initiative that takes recycling personal protection equipment (PPE) to a new level. Instead of used PPE such as protective clothing, nitrile gloves and safety glasses going into the trash (and landfills), these previously hard-to-recycle items are collected at your facility and turned into new consumer goods.

What Is RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional®?

The RightCycle™ Program is a groundbreaking service that enables you to collect previously hard-to-recycle items, such as Kimberly-Clark Professional™ nitrile gloves and single-use apparel items, and have them turned into new consumer goods. Through this program, you can:
• Reach your organisation’s sustainability goals
• Divert waste from the landfill in support of zero waste to landfill initiatives
• Give your used nitrile gloves and single-use apparel items a new life by aiding in the creation of new consumer goods like flower pots, patio furniture, and plastic shelving
• Reduce your waste disposal costs
• Protect the planet for future generations

How does it work?

Using The RightCycle™ Programme is easy:
1. Contact your local Kimberly-Clark Professional™ representative or e-mail to learn about how this programme can benefit your business.
2. Our Kimberly-Clark Professional™ contact person will explain the programme
details, provide you with marketing tools and a bulk bag to start the collection.
3. Collect used, non-hazardous Kimberly-Clark Professional™ apparel items and / or nitrile gloves in receptacles located throughout your facility and consolidate waste in bulk bag.
4. Contact our recycling partner on once pallet
is full and arrange and pay for transport to closest warehouse. A new, free of charge, bulk bag can be ordered through Kimberly-Clark Professional™

If you have any questions or for more information please contact

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