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The Importance of Cleaning your Cleanroom

An efficient cleaning system is pivotal to the success of your cleanroom. Contamination can build up really quickly from multiple different sources so it’s important that your cleanroom has a protocol in place for keeping it sterile. There are a few ways that you can make sure your cleanroom or controlled environment is kept in the best possible condition: 

  • Task delegation – having a plan in place and a routine for cleaning your cleanroom or controlled environment can be the difference between an efficient environment and a contaminated one. Allocating steps of the cleaning process to different team members working within your cleanroom environment can ensure that you have a rigid routine in place. 
  • Air filtration systems  – Having an air filtration system is a strong and proven way to control airborne fibres and minimize airborne contamination with your cleanroom or controlled environment. 
  • Cleanroom clothing – the materials that you wear within your cleanroom or controlled environment may lint onto surfaces, contaminating them. Ensuring you’re wearing the most appropriate level of PPE for the purpose and grade of your cleanroom has a huge impact on efficiency.
There are a few things that may influence your cleaning program and the routine that you put in place to ensure you manage the contamination control risk: 
  • Cleanliness classification – the grade of your cleanroom or controlled environment will play a large role in the decisions made behind the cleaning schedule. More intensive and frequent cleaning periods will be required if your cleanroom or controlled environment falls into a high controlled area, for example. 
  • Operational hours – Cleanroom staff are responsible for the cleanliness of their work stations are cleaning as they work. However, working a cleaning routine in and around their operational hours, when the team aren’t making products is vital for managing the contamination control risk. 
  • Types of contaminant present – Depending on the type and the level of the contamination present, different cleaning methods may need to be adopted. More high level hazards may require a special procedure to ensure effective removal. 
  • Cost – Deciding on a cleaning procedure is one half of the battle, but then costing the procedure is the second. Staff availability, cleaning materials and wastage, plus any charges can all contribute to the overall cost of a cleaning procedure and needs to be considered when putting the plan in place. 
Micronclean mopping cleaning system

At Critical Environment Solutions Ltd, we offer a fully tailored cleaning service via our parent company Micronclean – the team will come into your cleanroom or controlled environment and decontaminate it for you! 

Additionally, CES can provide you with a full range of cleaning tools and equipment from PPE to dry wipes to disinfectants and everything in between. For advice on which products are suitable for you and your cleanroom or controlled environment, please email or call 01793512505 and our sales team will assist you. 

Micronclean mopping cleaning system

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