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The Benefits of Using Low Linting Wipes

Why you should be using low lint wipes

When working in a critical environment such as automotive manufacturing and repairing, it is important to use the right cleaning materials for the task to ensure optimal product performance. One of the most popular wiping solutions is non-woven wipes in particular low lint or lint free wipes. These wipes can be used for cleaning and wiping surfaces, tools and machinery. In this post, we explore the uses and benefits of using low lint wipes for industrial cleaning.

What are low lint wipes?
Low lint wipes are usually made from a non-woven material that have low linting properties. These wipes can be made from a mixture of materials such as Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET), Polyamide being hydro entangled, Cellulose, Latex, Polyester, Woodpulp and Viscose fibre.
Why low linting is important?
Low lint offers low fibre generation due to the lack of tiny hairs on the material. This means you can clean or dry sensitive surfaces without depositing cloth residue or fibres, helping to reduce the risk of contamination. The pattern on the low lint wipe is designed to trap particles where it allows small particles of dust, grit and dirt to fall from contact surfaces into the wipe. This means you can clean without scratching the surface.
What are the benefits of low lint wipes?
Low lint wipes are created from a mass of fibres, resulting in a strong and durable wipe with good wet and dry strength and excellent absorbency. These wipes leave surfaces lint free after cleaning, so they can be used where contaminant control is essential for example when cleaning and preparing surfaces before painting or removing sealer, cleaning instrument parts, tools, equipment and machinery.

Lint Free Wipes Engineered Clean To Minimise The Risk Of Contamination While Maintaining A Low Total Cost Of Ownership.

Are you facing regulatory or company-wide pressures to clean up your processes? Are you experiencing contamination issues that are keeping you awake at night; or otherwise disturbing your once peaceful life? These are all things that we hear from our customers, and we listen.

As industry becomes cleaner, there are immense pressures for manufacturers to clean up their processes. Paper towels, shop rags, and other commonly used industrial wiping solutions were never designed or engineered to meet these needs of industrial manufacturing environments which require a tough and high preforming solution that is not going to shed fibres and particles. The hidden costs of contamination in a product or process are staggering; therefore, it’s important to recognise that the value of a quality wipe engineered and designed for your application will always beat a generic, cheaper, or substandard solution in the long run. With key decisions like this, it is important to factor in total cost of ownership and ultimately value rather then just upfront cost which can be deceiving.

The Truth About Lint Free Wipes

It comes as a surprise to many of our customers that “Lint Free” is technically a misnomer, as particle testing under both wet and dry conditions reveals that even the cleanest of wipes can never be completely free of the presence of lint and particle generation. Use a fabric, and you can’t escape the presence of accompanying lint. If you are looking for the lowest linting wipes available on the market today then you have come to the right place. Our commitment to quality and experience in the world’s most critical cleanrooms and controlled environments has given us the expertise to help you step up your game and minimise the risk of contamination in your environment.

We Understand The Challenges For Industrial Manufacturers When It Comes To Maintaining A Low Cost Of Ownership, Improving Quality, And Reducing The Risk Of Contamination.

We work directly with industrial manufacturers of all sizes and across wide array of industries. We can help you come up with an action plan addressing your needs, training, and specific applications while helping you minimise the risks of contamination in your environment.

We supply a large range of wipes for critical environments where low linting is a necessity. Our premium range is manufactured by the Berkshire Corporation the industry leader in the manufacture of wipes for all critical manufacturing environments where particle shedding is a concern. For further information please contact us or view the full range of wipes we offer.

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