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Successful Wiping with Contec

Studies have shown that wiping is the most effective method of cleanroom cleaning. Presaturated wipes especially, are highly suitable for capturing and removing particles and dirt, disturbing biofilms and removing residues. The removal of particles is especially key, not only to pick up dirt and particles, but to trap them in the wipe and physically remove them from the cleanroom. The ability of a wipe to retain and remove a particle or fibre depends on the structure of the wipe and the size of the contaminant.

Dry or wetted wipes for cleaning?
Some manufacturers have developed proprietary surface treatments to dry wipes in order to enhance particle removal and retention. Particle Attraction Technology (PAT) enhances the ability of the wipe to attract and retain fine particles, less than 10 microns. This improves the wipes ability to clean surfaces, thereby leaving surfaces cleaner. It is a permanent treatment that molecularly bonds to the fabric fibres and is in fact actually enhanced in the presence of a solvent.

Wetting the wipe significantly enhances particle entrapment and removal. Using a wetted wiper provides an overpowering bias for the particles to remain with the wipe, since capillary hydroscopic forces from the moisture on the wipe provide the mechanism for the particles removed from the surface to remain with the wipe. Once the wipe is removed from the environment, the particles go with it, resulting in the most effective method for removing particles from a cleanroom surface.

Advantages of presaturated wipes
Presaturated wipes can offer many benefits over bottled IPA and dry wipes for cleanroom use. Presats were first introduced to cleanrooms in IBM in 1988 by Contec Inc, to reduce solvent utilisation and increase convenience in hand wiping. Because they provide exceptional solvent control, presaturated wipes were soon adopted by the aerospace, semiconductor, automotive and other industries in order to meet increasingly stringent VOC emission and solvent reduction regulations. However, one of the quickest adopters of these products was the medical device industry, which saw the productivity improvements and process controls the technology offered. Sterile presats for the pharmaceutical industry were introduced in 1990 and are now one of the fasting growing consumable products used in pharmaceutical cleanrooms due to the benefits they provide.



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