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Small Tools for Small Spaces

An efficient and ergonomic sanitization process is made simpler with the Micronova family of Small Tools for Small Spaces, designed for controlled environments and critical laboratory spaces. These tools are ideal for supporting contamination control in Isolators, hoods, RABs, Biosafety Cabinets, pass throughs, and work spaces.

All mop covers and small tools are cleanroom compatible, ISO 5 to 9.
• Covers are available in multiple materials from smooth
polyester to textured foam
• Use with interchangeable fixed and extended handles
• Washable and reusable
• Holds up to strong cleaning solutions and disinfectants
• Covers available gamma irradiated.
• Certificates and Lot Traceability with each cover and tool
• Autoclavable

The Micronova Cleanroom Slim T™ Mop easily slips on to the 180-degree swivel T-Mop™ adapter for simple and thorough equipment cleaning. Stainless steel and acetal construction

T-Mop – 10 inch
Stainless Steel T-Mop, 10 in, 25 cm QDT-10
Stainless Steel, 12 in, 30 cm Handle SSU-9
NovaPoly™ Slim T-Mop, 10 in, 25 cm T6-10S
Polysorb™ Slim T-Mop, no foam, 10 in, 25 cm T11-10SN

Hand Held Mop conforms to the hand, then smoothly glides over surfaces for a complete clean or sanitization.

• Polyketone version is very durable, autoclavable
• Polypropylene version Is reusable and then recyclable
• Fits 6” FlatMops

Polyketone Hand Held Mop HHT-06PK
Polypropylene Hand Held Mop HHT-06PP
NovaPoly™ Flatmop Cover, no foam MZSM6-6NS
PolyMesh™ Flatmop Cover MZSM68-6S

The Micronova Isolator Tool™ Mop covers easily slide on to the unique adjustable ‘swivel’  joint tool allowing the ultimate in both ease and control of flat surface cleaning.

Isolator Tool & Covers – 9 inch
Plastic Isolator Tool, 9 in, 22 cm QPIT-09
Plastic Handle, 12 in, 30 cm STAH-12WH
NovaPoly™ Isolator Tool Cover, 9 in, 22 cm ITC6-9NS
Polysorb™ Isolator Tool Cover, ITC11-9NS
no foam, 9 in, 22 cm

View more small tools on the full brochureFor more information or to find out what other cleanroom tools we can supply please get in touch with

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