Micronova Novalite Cleanroom Wipe Wp2

Micronova NovaLite Wipe WP2 Each

Micronova NovaLite Cleanroom Wipe WP2 Each

NovaLite™ Wipes A series of hard wearing wipers designed for medical device, pharmaceutical and hi tech applications.

The Novalite wiper material is a latex exterior bonded with rayon, which offers both hard wearing and absorbent qualities.

Novalite has an absorbency of 400%.

The latex surface affords greater friction resistance than other man made wipers and sponges ideal for removing fine dusts and powders.

All Novalite wipers can be laundered and autoclaved.

Product id: WP2 99, WP2 1012, WP2 1212, WP2 1418, WP2 2418

Material: Novalite Latex/cellulose

Accessories: None

Application: Workstations/Laminar Flow Benches/Walls/Windows

A cleanroom wipe is amongst the most critical of all the consumable products used within a controlled environment. It is therefore essential to select a wipe that meets all of the relevant criteria from the wide range available. Whilst many products may appear similar their intended use and product attributes are quite often diverse. We will be pleased to provide advice and assistance in the wiper selection process. Working with several major specialists our range of wipers are illustrated by product type. All manufacturers have products suited to most applications and classifications of cleanroom or controlled environment. CES also have access to a very large range of cleanroom swabs. Cleanroom Wipes, Wipers, Swabs, Cloths, Lint Free Wipes

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