Contec Satwipes Hand Scrubber Wipes Swhst0001

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Contec Satwipes Hand Srubber Wipes 9" x 12" Canister of 90 Wipes.

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Contec Satwipes Hand Scrubber Wipes:

Contec Satwipes Hand Srubber Wipes 9" x 12" Canister of 90 Wipes.

A presaturated hand towel designed specifically for the printing industry. Designed to minimize hand cleaning time and maximize protection of hands and equipment. A waterless and solvent free formulation combined with a towel specifically textured for efficient cleaning.

  • Cleans ink, toner, grease, tar, and many other hard to remove soils. Eliminates the need for multiple trips to the washroom for hand clean up
  • Easy dispensing pop up tub fits conveniently press side
  • Textured for hand scrubbing action to remove wet and dried ink and ground in dirt
  • Solvent free citrus scent formula complies with low VOC Consumer Product Rules
  • Quick drying chemistry gets you back to work quickly
  • Keeps hands properly conditioned with aloe vera, jojoba oil, glycerin, vitamin E and anti microbial agent to protect hands and reduce the chance of dermatitis
  • In addition to providing a comprehensive range of consumables and disposable workwear for use in cleanrooms, CES also supply a range of consumables, disposable workwear and PPE products to less critical manufacturing environments.
    Disposable Workwear
    Disposable Gloves
    Disinfectant Surface Wipes
    Mopping Systems
    Low Linting Wipes

    These environments still have a requirement for specialist products without the need for them to be cleanroom compatible.

    Care Homes
    Food Manufacturing
    Print Industry
    General Industry

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