Contec Gold Sorb Cleanroom Wipe 956

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Contec Gold Sorb Cleanroom Wipe (23cm x 23cm) 150 Wipes (2 x75 per bag)

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Contec Gold Sorb Cleanroom Wipe (23cm x 23cm) 150 Wipes (2 x75 per bag)

Anticon Gold Sorb is unique because it utilizes a two yarn system in its fabric construction. It combines the performance of a microfiber yarn with that of a regular polyester yarn to create a wipe with superior wiping and sorptive characteristics. All yarns are 100% continuous filament polyester in a double knit interlock fabric. By using a proprietary edge sealing technology, our cut edges are truly sealed rather than just the surface at the edges. As a result, Gold Sorb wipes have no abrasive borders, which allows you to use 100% of the wipe for cleaning without the worry of harming delicate surfaces.


  • Basis weight = 140 g/m2
  • Microfiber polyester, chemically modified for superior cleanliness and sorbency
  • Cleanroom laundered
  • Tested in accordance with the IEST Recommend Practices for the Evaluation of Wiping Materials for Critical Environments
  • Consistent lot to lot performance
  • Available presaturated
  • Available sterile


  • Less contamination than other fibers
  • Higher yields due to less edge contamination
  • Yields superior wiping characteristics
  • Less wipes used on job
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