Sterile Nitrile Glove 93700

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Ansell Toucn N Tuff Sterile Nitrile Glove Bags of 10 Pairs Pair Packed

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The TouchNTuff® 93 700 single use Sterile Nitrile Glove delivers

the highest protection for a wide range of chemicals.

The new TouchNTuff® Sterile Nitrile glove offer
a value for money solution that delivers good
hand protection including chemical splash
exposure. The gloves are thin enough to offer
the dexterity for precision work, but yet tough
enough to resist tears and chemical contact.
Subsequent processing and sterilization yields
a “best in class” entry level synthetic material
that delivers robust mechanical and chemical
performance characteristics versus NRL without

the risk of latex sensitization.

Bio technologies,
Medical Device Manufacturing,

Laboratory Analysis

Blending of liquids
Filtration processes
Vaccines injectable operations
Analytical measurements
Pelletizing and tablet manufacturing
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