PIERCAN GLOVES is today the uncontested leader in the field of drybox gloves, isolator gloves, gauntlets and RABS. Setting the standards in both quality and responsiveness. PIERCAN offers a wide range of isolator gloves, drybox gloves and RABS.

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Isolator Gloves, RABS, Drybox Gloves


Piercan is a world leader in the development and production of containment gloves. They specialize in gloves for various applications, including drybox gloves and gloves for cleanroom isolators. Here are some key points about Piercan gloves:

  1. Drybox Gloves: These seamless gloves are designed for handling objects in enclosed environments, such as isolators or restricted access barrier systems (RABS). They allow operators to manipulate materials without direct human contact, ensuring protection from contamination, moisture, or oxidation12.
  2. Materials: Piercan offers a wide range of glove materials, including natural rubber and neopreneThese gloves may or may not be fitted to a support ring.
  3. Accessories: Piercan also provides accessories related to drybox gloves, such as rounds of gloves, lever doors, or seal rings.
  4. Quality Control: For 70 years, Piercan has manufactured gloves known for their quality. Their strict control ensures reliable production.
  5. Certifications: Piercan adheres to CE legislation on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and complies with standards and certifications.
  6. Decontamination and Sterilization: They offer decontaminated and/or sterilized gloves, especially for pharmacy environments and industries requiring high cleanliness levels2.
  7. Manufacturing Process: Gloves are made through a dipping process, either emulsion dipping or dissolution dipping, depending on the material.
  8. Technical Expertise and Training: Piercan provides technical assessments, solutions, and training on glove usage, materials, and best practices.

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To be the No 1 specialist provider of branded cleanroom consumable products and contamination control supplies to companies manufacturing in critically clean and all controlled manufacturing environments.

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