Foldable Respirator 3M9310

3M 9310 Foldable Respirator FFP1 Box 20

3M 9310 Foldable Respirator FFP1 Box 20

he 3M 9310 mask provides respiratory protection against low levels of fine dusts and mists.

Provides comfort and style without compromising performance
Extensive European field trials have proved the superiority of this range over more traditional respirators
Three panel design for improved comfort, fit and communication
Reliable, effective protection agaist fine particulates
Individually packed, foldable design prevent contamination before use and allows easy storage
Soft inner cover web for greater comfort against the skin
Even tensioned straps relieve pressure for a comfortable and secure fit.
Yellow colour coded straps denoting FFP1 protection level.

3M 9310 Standard: EN149:2001 FFP1
3M 9310 Approval: CE Marked
3M 9310 Maximum use level: Assigned Protection Factor: 4 x WEL (Nominal Protection Factor 4 x WEL)

Cleanroom Face Masks

Contamination from the mouth area provides an immense risk to products manufactured in critical environments due to the high level of micro organisms and ionic contaminants in saliva. Furthermore, facial hair and skin particles are also a problem when trying to minimise pariculate counts. Face masks greatly reduce harmful contaminant levels and CES offer a choice of face mask styles which offer a range of benefits.

Excellent filtration levels
Choice of styles
Different fastening methods
Sterile and non sterile face masks

Cleanroom PPE, Disposable Facemasks, Facemasks, Faceveils

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