Bioclean Db Sterile Cleanroom Facemask

Sterile Mask with neck guard Case of 200

Bioclean DB Sterile Cleanroom Facemask with neck guard Case of 200

BioClean DB™ Pouch Style Mask with Neck Guard



Constructed with a patented non latex spacer to maintain clear breathing space, the BioClean DB Sterile Pouch style Facemask ensures exceptional breathability, comfort, and protection for the wearer. The facemask also features a non woven spunbonded polyester integrated extra long neck guard to provide additional protection.

Other Features

Extra long neck guard Excellent particle protection Hydrophobic outer layer Hydrophilic inner layer Large breathing chamber


Seams: Ultrasonically bonded. Outer facing: Spunbonded polyester (non woven). Filter layer: Meltblown polyester. Inner facing: Spunbonded polyester (non woven). Headloops: Tubular knitted polyurethane Spandex yarn. Neck guard: Spunbonded non woven polyester. Spacer: Non latex band. Nose bridge: Fully enclosed coated malleable aluminium.


Facemask: 100mm, Neck Guard: 210mm

Differential Pressure


Inner Facing Layer

Non woven spunbonded polyester (hydrophilic)

Filter Layer

Meltblown polyester

Outer Facing Layer

Non woven spunbonded polyester (hydrophobic)


Tubular knitted polyurethane Spandex yarn headloops


Non latex band

Nose Band

Plastic coated steel

Neck Guard

Non woven spunbonded polyester

Physical Properties

Particle filtration efficiency (PFE): 98.2% Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE): 97.9% Differential pressure drop in mm H 2O/cm2 3.57



Quality Systems

Produced in a facility registered to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

Sampling & Inspection

In accordance with ISO 2859 standard procedures.

Shelf Life and Storage

Five (5) years from date of manufacture. Store in a dry, cool place (<40°C) away from direct sunlight and fluorescent light.

Bar Codes

This is shown on the carton to allow automatic data entry into Stock Control Systems.

Lot Number

This is shown on the sealed outer bag and the carton to provide product traceability.


ISO Class 4 & EU GMP Grade A

Cleanroom Face Masks

Contamination from the mouth area provides an immense risk to products manufactured in critical environments due to the high level of micro organisms and ionic contaminants in saliva. Furthermore, facial hair and skin particles are also a problem when trying to minimise pariculate counts. Face masks greatly reduce harmful contaminant levels and CES offer a choice of face mask styles which offer a range of benefits.

Excellent filtration levels
Choice of styles
Different fastening methods
Sterile and non sterile face masks

Cleanroom PPE, Disposable Facemasks, Facemasks, Faceveils

Weight 2.6 kg




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