Vitalise 4200 Microfibre Slip On Shoe

Customise your comfort with the WearerTech Vitalise designed for people on their feet all day
Vitalise Lightweight Slip On Shoe

Available in black

Available  with safety toe

Vitalise Lightweight Microfibre Slip On Shoe


  • Ultra Grip® slip resistant technology
    Our very own tread pattern and compound is designed and tested to keep you safe at work.
    • Stretch Linings
    The smooth lining has been engineered to eliminate rubbing and discomfort and to provide a more comfortable fit. The elasticity of the material gives the foot more freedom and flexibility.
    • Breathable Uppers
    Air flow through the shoe helps to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature and improves your foot health.
    • Energy absorbing midsole
    The midsole (the part of the shoe that’s sandwiched between the top part of the shoe and the slip resistant outsole) of the CustomPro range is created using our own EVA recipe which is made up of thousands of tiny bubbles that contain air. The air bubbles are then compressed which provides amazing cushioning and shock absorption. This helps distribute your weight more evenly.
    • Raised heel
    The compressed EVA allows us to control the height of the midsole. Through extensive research with the University of Salford, we raised the heel of our midsole which helps to eliminate the build up of plantar pressure that comes from being on your feet all day. This also improves your standing posture which reduces lower back pain.
    • Lightweight
    When choosing materials and engineering our shoes, a big part of getting the shoes just right is that we ensure our shoes are as lightweight as possible. Science has shown that only a few grams of weight can make a big difference to minimising the stress and strain on your muscles in your feet and legs throughout the day.
    • Contemporary Design
    A clean and stylish design that suits your needs and fits in with your uniform policy.

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