Cleanroom Packing & Irradiation

CES have a number of cleanroom consumable solutions including a validated and audit approved ISO Class 5 cleanroom, where we are able to repack cleanroom consumables and disposable garments into various non-standard and bespoke packaging configurations. This service is especially tailored to customers who require customised pack sizes, multiple bagging and/or require the product to be sterilised by gamma irradiation for use in aseptic manufacturing environments. 

1. Custom Repacking

CES are able to pack a full range of cleanroom consumables to the customers own bespoke requirements. For example, cleanroom wipes can be re-bagged to a customised pack size or disposable coveralls can be single packed. All re-packed products can be double, or triple bagged and can be sterilised by gamma irradiation if required.

2. Irradiation

The CES cleanroom is validated as ISO class 5 and has been fully audited. All operators are trained to operate under GMP.
All production is batch controlled and all sterile products are supported by a sterility validation and supplied with a certificate of irradiation. CES are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company and cleanroom production falls within the scope of this accreditation.

3. Quality

Within the CES cleanroom we also have an ISO 5 laminar flow cabinet. If this additional level of assurance is required packing can be carried out within the cabinet.

Products repacked in the CES will allow for reduction in waste and allow provide a cost efficient solution to your consumable requirements.

The many benefits of this service include:

Reduction in waste
Cost efficient
Batch controlled production
Customer specific pack size and configuration
Bill of material
Irradiation certificate

Cleanroom Cleaning

CES are able to provide a fully tailored cleanroom cleaning service via its parent company Micronclean Ltd. This service offers decontamination cleans, regular cleans or a fully bespoke service provision. Additionally, we can provide standard operating procedures, training and full documentation. 

To complement our cleaning provision, we can supply a wide range of cleanroom cleaning equipment & consumables, including mopping systems and disinfectants. Visit our shop now.

Cleanroom Garments & Laundry Service

As a subsidiary of Micronclean Ltd the UK’s leading cleanroom laundry provider, CES are able provide assistance in determining your cleanroom garment requirements and the most suitable contract arrangement. Find out more on Microncleans Cleanroom Laundry Services.

CES are able to supply on a direct sale basis a range of disposable cleanroom apparel, in a range of colours, fabrics and styles. Bespoke garments can also be provided subject to minimum order quantities being achieved. 

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