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Reducing pain in the Workplace with WearerTech

How reducing pain in the workplace can have a positive impact on staff and the state of the business.

Although there is an increasing focus on safety in the workplace, there is less emphasis on reducing pain.

Studies that WearerTech have carried out have shown that in a group of workers who spend a lot of time on their feet, 96% had experience pain and 47% has visited a healthcare professional about their work-related pain within the last 12 months. From talking to workers and finding out more, we’re finding that many of them accept pain as part of their job, which is having a huge negative impact on both themselves and the business they work in.

I’m going to take you through how reducing pain can have a positive impact on both staff and the company they work for;

Wellbeing of staff

If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us is that our staff are our greatest assets. So, looking after the wellbeing of your staff should be just as important as building your branding and developing your products and services. By really looking after your staff, you can enable them to reduce stress, improve focus at work, increase job satisfaction, have a positive outlook, and have better relationships with colleagues and managers.

I guess it’s fairly obvious that when staff are in less pain, they are going to feel better in themselves. By providing WearerTech footwear, you can reduce your staff’s pain by 90%, here’s what staff are saying about the difference it makes to their wellbeing:

“I think they are great! I have noticed in just a short space of time how less tired my legs are at the end of the day and how less supported my feet actually feel when I put my ‘normal shoes’ back on at the end of a shift!”

“Since putting on my first pair of WearerTech Relieves, I’ve not looked back. They’ve not only relieved the severe stabbing pain in my heels caused by planter fasciitis, but have completely eradicated it, leaving me pain free and able to concentrate at work.”

Employee engagement

When employees are in pain, they can’t give it all they’ve got and they can’t be as engaged as they could be. By reducing pain and therefore having an engaged team, this leads to so many benefits to both staff and the company from having a stronger company culture where people enjoy their work to increasing both productivity and increasing customer satisfaction.

A study by Humana showed that 89% of employees working in a space that prioritizes wellness feel happy and 67% of employees working for companies with a wellness scheme feel more engaged in the goals and missions of their employer.

These stats show how focusing on reducing pain and work wellness really does help your staff to feel more engaged. Implementing wellness strategy really can help you build a team that are engaged, and likely to stay with your company. One way you can reduce pain is by implement WearerTech footwear to staff who are spending high amounts of time on their feet.


Productivity increase obviously has the most impact for the company. We don’t need to go into what higher productivity can mean for your company but we can touch on how reducing pain can drive productivity.

Well, it’s a logical concept that if the staff aren’t in pain, they give more. So here at WearerTech, we always believe that this was the case but we wanted to put this to the test. We collaborated with a large FM company on one of their sites with varied job roles and tested the number of tasks that the staff did for a prolonged period of time and then put the staff into WearerTech footwear (which reduces pain) and then again for a prolonged period of time and continue to measure the number of tasks they were completing. We expected there to be an increase in productivity, but we were blown away by the results.

The increase in productivity was 26.5%…

Speak to your CES BDM or contact to find out more about the WearerTech range.

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