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We have available for immediate shipment, cleanroom grade face masks. This stock is limited. For further information and ordering:


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Face Mask Natural Blue Sterile

Sterile Cleanroom Facemask – Pack of 50

Individually bagged and sterilised by gamma irradiation Click here to visit the category homepage

Cleanroom Face Masks

Contamination from the mouth area provides an immense risk to products manufactured in critical environments due to the high level of micro-organisms and ionic contaminants in saliva. Furthermore, facial hair and skin particles are also a problem when trying to minimise pariculate counts. Face masks greatly reduce harmful contaminant levels and Cleanroom Direct offer a choice of face mask styles which offer a range of benefits.

Excellent filtration levels
Choice of styles
Different fastening methods
Sterile and non-sterile face masks

Sterile Cleanroom Facemask