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Berkshire Super Polx 1200 Cleanroom Wipe (23cm x 23cm) – SP1209

Super Polx 1200 Laundered Polyester Cleanroom Wipe (23cm x 23cm) – Bag of 150

Super Polx® 1200 is engineered for use in the most critical cleanroom applications. It is ideal in many industries, including laboratories, biotech research facilities, aerospace, defense electronics, computer assembly, and semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical, and biomedical device manufacturing.

Composition and Attributes:


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A cleanroom wipe is amongst the most critical of all the consumable products used within a controlled environment. It is therefore essential to select a wipe that meets all of the relevant criteria from the wide range available. Whilst many products may appear similar their intended use and product attributes are quite often diverse. We will be pleased to provide advice and assistance in the wiper selection process. Working with several major specialists our range of wipers are illustrated by product type. All manufacturers have products suited to most applications and classifications of cleanroom or controlled environment. Cleanroom Direct also have access to a very large range of cleanroom swabs. Cleanroom Wipe Click here to visit the category homepage