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Cleanroom Mopping System Ergonomic Flat – Clips

Cleanroom Mopping System Ergonomic Flat Clips

Mop Clips x 20

Use with BCRVSMOP1 Mop Head

Efficient cleaning of floors, walls, ceilings and other large surfaces is critical to the overall cleanliness of the production environment. The ergonomic 16” Cleanroom Mopping System replicates the most effective way to clean and disinfect surfaces – WIPING. The cleanroom flat mop holders are easy to use, lightweight, and manoeuvrable for quick and effective cleaning in both large and small production areas. Mop covers ranging from ultraclean laundered polyester knit, to absorbent polyurethane foam to economical nonwoven are available to provide the flexibility to handle a variety of cleaning and disinfecting tasks. A sturdy and easy to use mop cart with wringer designed to work with flat mops completes the line.

The Ergonomic 16” Flat Mop holder is a versatile flat mop suitable for almost all application areas. Your clean room staff can attach mops faster and more efficiently than ever: thanks to the cleanroom flat mops V shape, it slips smoothly into the pouches of the mop reducing bending and decreasing injury.

Please note this product is not stocked and there will be a lead time of 12 weeks from point of order.Cleanroom Mopping System:

Cleanroom Direct are able to offer a total cleanroom disinfection and cleaning solution. We are able to supply specialist mopping systems in addition to cleaning tools that have been designed to clean isolators, walls, ceilings, curtains and awkward to reach areas. Our specialist hardware is supplemented by a range of high quality disinfectants and detergents ensuring your cleanrooms and controlled environments are cleaned to the highest standards. For further help with product selection from our cleanroom cleaning and disinfectant range please visit the contact page where you will be able to get in touch with customer services:
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