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Cleanroom Socks

Cleanroom Socks

BCR® Cleanroom socks provide the next level of cleanroom foot health and operator comfort during regular and extended wear. They are engineered with 96% nylon and 4% Lycra microdenier technology. This technology and protection does not diminish with laundering. The micro denier technology provides the sock with superior cool feeling and comfort. Because of the enhanced wicking function, contact discomfort associated with wearing regular cotton or polyester socks is greatly reduced. Case of 24 Packs x 6 pairs per pack

• 96% microdenier nylon and 4% double covered Lycra
• One size fits shoe size from adult 5 -11
• Ambidextrous for easy stock control
• Extremely soft and comfortable
• BCR® Cleanroom socks are over 1,000 times cleaner than regular cotton/polyester socks
• Autoclavable
• Colour: White
• 6 pairs per pack for individual use

• Advanced technology for extreme moisture management **
• Constructed using a special seamless technique, no-run and non-ravel
• Designed and manufactured principally for cleanroom applications and reuse
• Does not shed fibres

Benefits • Reduced sock degradation over extended wear due to oils and sweat
• Long lasting freshness and cooling for operator
• Reduced odour caused by foot perspiration
• Provides polyester micro denier softness for operator comfort
• Designed for all day comfort

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