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Cleanroom paper A4 (Pink) – Pack Of 250 Sheets.

BCR Bond is manufactured with a cellulose base and a latex binder, this is introduced during the paper making process resulting in a consistent heat resistant paper.

Suitable for cleanroom Classes 10-10,000 (ISO4-7) it can be photocopied and is compatible with all copiers and printer types.


It has long been recognised that conventional paper based products are among the major sources of particulate contamination in a cleanroom. The Cleanroom Direct range of stationery and documentation systems is designed to significantly reduce this risk. As well as paper and computer forms, notebooks, pens, cleanroom tape and cleanroom packaging are also available.
Our Cleanroom stationery products are sourced from some of the most trusted names within the industry, including Berkshire and Micronova.
Cleanroom Paper
Cleanroom Pens
Cleanroom Notebooks
Cleanroom Tape
Cleanroom Labels
Cleanroom Polybags


The Cleanroom Direct range of cleanroom paper & notebooks provides paper in weight ranges and sizes. Our cleanroom paper is available in a range of colours. We can also supply cleanroom sticky notes.
Our range of cleanroom pens from Micronova come in both standard and cleanroom marker pens. These include low sodium ink, poly barrel and range of colours. They can also be supplied irradiated for use in aseptic cleanroom environments.
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