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Cleanroom Laundry Services

CES are able to provide market leading cleanroom laundry and garment services via its parent company Micronclean Ltd. Micronclean are the UK’s leading provider of cleanroom laundry services and cleanroom garments. Micronclean operate from a 3 sites located within the UK, Skegness, Louth & Grantham.

Micronclean’s ISO 4 (EU GMP Grade B) facility, has been purpose built to exceed the needs of today’s modern cleanroom requirements:

All garments received for processing are identified and scanned into the facility. They are then fully inspected via light tables to indentify any repairs or issues inline with exacting customer requirements, whilst ensuring compliance with GMP requirements. Any actions required are completed in-house and logged onto the Protrack database against the item’s unique barcode and then the item is returned to processing.

Visit the Micronclean Cleanroom Laundry Website Click Here