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Contec NeutraKlean Cleanroom Sterile Neutral Detergent

Contec NeutraKlean Cleanroom Sterile Neutral Detergent

Available in case of 6 x 1Ltr or 2 x 5Ltr

Contec NeutraKlean is a gentle and non-foaming cleanroom sterile neutral detergent designed for the cleaning of life science cleanrooms. With a pH after irradiation between 6.5 and 7.5, Contec NeutraKlean is ideal for the low level cleaning required after maintenance and to remove disinfectant residues and general soil.
The product is 0.22 μm filtered and filled under Grade A air and bagged in a Grade C cleanroom.
Provided double bagged, the product is designed for ease of entry into pharmaceutical cleanrooms.
Supplied sterile and ready to use, the product is available in a 1l trigger spray with a “bag in bottle” system to protect the contents during use; and a 5L container for larger areas.


The objective of cleaning is to reduce the amount of non-viable contamination, such as dust, dirt, light oils in a cleanroom to a visibly clean state. The use of a surface acting agent (surfactant / detergent) helps to break the binding of particles and dirt to a surface and allows them to be more easily removed.
Surfaces with high levels of soil or residues from disinfectants will have a detrimental effect on the disinfectant used. Starting with a surface free of non-viable contamination may mean a less aggressive disinfectant can be employed. Cleaning with a mopping system helps to dislodge and remove any biofilm formation which will also inhibit the efficacy of a disinfectant.

Product Application

Ready to use so can be applied directly to the surface ensuring even coverage. Apply to the surface to physically remove contaminants using an appropriate cleanroom wipe or mop and a recommended wiping technique for optimum contamination control. Where residues are of particular concern, rinse with purified water or Contec alcohol.

Cleanroom Direct are able to offer a total cleanroom disinfection and cleaning solution. We are able to supply specialist mopping systems in addition to cleaning tools that have been designed to clean isolators, walls, ceilings, curtains and awkward to reach areas. Our specialist hardware is supplemented by a range of high quality disinfectants and detergents ensuring your cleanrooms and controlled environments are cleaned to the highest standards. For further help with product selection from our disinfectant and cleaning range, please contact customer services on 01634 719422.

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