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Micronclean VeriGuard Wipes Range

An efficient cleaning system is pivotal to the success of your cleanroom. Contamination can build up really quickly from multiple different sources so it’s important that your cleanroom has a protocol in place for keeping it sterile. Having a cleanroom wiper and wiping system that you trust can make all the difference, but choosing the right wiper can be a minefield as there are so many options to choose from:

  • Polyester – Polyester fabric minimises the release of particles – these wipers are low-linting and highly absorbent.
  • Polyester Cellulose – A combination of polyester and cellulose fibres, providing a balance between the durability and low-linting of polyester and absorbency of cellulose.
  • Sealed edge – Sealed edges prevent the release of loose fibres and particles. This helps to maintain a high level of cleanliness and
    reduce risk of particle contamination.
  • Pre-saturated – Pre-moistened in cleaning solution/solvent. This ensures consistent and precise cleaning, while minimising the
    introduction of additional contaminants.
Micronclean’s VeriGuard Range offers high-quality pre-saturated wipes, both sterile and non-sterile. Whether you’re looking for a polyester or poly-cellulose pouch wipe, or a polypropylene tub wipe, they have you covered. Recommended for low grade cleanroom areas, the wipes have long-lasting alcohol retention and are an aggressive and intricate wipe for cleaning. 

The pouch wipes have increased disinfectant retention from the re-sealable pouch; they are designed for small to medium batch manufacturing, packed in sessional sizes; they have high absorbency and are a strong multi-functional wipe.

They have both Alpha and Beta wipes, which are designed and validated to be rotational with one another. They also have Delta wipes in the range, specifically for cleanrooms, as well as 70% IPA/IMS wipes. Whatever you may need in pre-saturated wipe, VeriGuard can help. 

The polypropylene tub wipes are designed for high volume usage and have a refillable pouch. The tub wipes are saturated in 70% IPA and 30% WFI, a combination that is prevalent across all IPA products in their ranges.

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VeriGuard 3 - IPA Laundered Polyester Non-folded Pouch Wipe - Sterile

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