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Micronclean CleanGuard Disinfectant Alcohol Range

What is a cleanroom grade alcohol?

Cleanroom grade alcohol needs to have a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, rapid antimicrobial action, rapid evaporation to minimise surface wet times, and extremely low residues.

To clean a surface the cleaner must be able to remove soiling, evaporate quickly, and without leaving a residue when evaporating. To disinfect surfaces the solution must be highly antimicrobial: killing bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. It is important to note that alcohols are not effective against spore-forming bacteria and therefore a sporicidal solution must also be used alongside alcohol disinfectants.

Benefits of the trigger sprays

Benefits of the 5ltr RFU

  • 70% IPA/IMS blended with WFI quality water
  • Mechanically sealed, with tamper-evident trigger head
  • Low centre of gravity bottle design
  • Long trigger handle, ease of use
  • 70% IPA/IMS blended with WFI quality water
  • Bulk container for larger surface areas
  • Easy to use with bucket mopping systems
  • Tamper evident PP vented cap

How do I find out more?

Benefits of the hand sanitiser

To find out more information, visit our website at Cleanroom Disinfectants – Critical Environment Solutions or email us at

  • 70% alcohol, manufactured with WFI
  • UK BPR Registered
  • EN 13727:2012+A2:2015 – Pass
  • EN 13624:2013 – Pass
  • Fragrance-free, non-sticky & quick drying

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