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Chemical protective tape to improve the safety level of your PPE

Insufficient gowning and gaps between the coverall and glove mean an increased risk of chemical exposure to the skin.

Chemical protective tape is used to reduce exposure and improve the saftey level of PPE. Tychem 2000 tape is typically used as a connection between Tychem® Gloves and Tychem®, Tyvek® or ProShield® Category III protective garments. The tape comes off the roll with ease and does not self-stick back to itself. It can further be used to tape the hood of a Category III protective garment to the mask, the ankles to the boots and the zipper flap.

Guidance on taping chemical protective clothing

For enhanced protection and to achieve the claimed protection in certain applications, taping of cuffs, ankles, hood and zipper flap will be necessary while donning a chemical protective coverall. If taping is required, the user must ensure that tape is used correctly, and a tight seal is in place.

It is recommended that all gaps and joins should be sealed with adhesive tape offering chemical protection. Care shall be taken when applying the tape. It is advised to use short pieces of the tape. Using large pieces of tape may cause folds and creases which could increase the risk of inside leakage.

When removing the tape during the doffing process, it should be disposed of in a chemical waste container.

  • Chemical barrier tape with Tychem® 2000 level of protection and secure adhesion
  • Chemical protection against inorganic acids and bases
  • Permeation data available for 95 chemicals, allowing the comparison and match between the protection level of the chemical protective garment and the chemical glove
  • Good flexibility for a smoother seal
  • Can be used with Type 3, 4, 5, 6 garments in less demanding chemical exposures to hold protective clothing in place and provide tighter seal at the connection points of PPE

Please visit Dupont’s free online selector tool to determine the most appropriate chemical protection you need according to your risk of

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