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Expanding the Team and Micronclean Disinfectants

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jenny Stienlet as our new National Sales Manager. Jenny brings a decade of experience in account management and sales, having worked with several prominent clients and companies in the cleanroom industry. Her meticulous attention to detail, dedication, and ambition will be invaluable to CES. Jenny is recognised for her collaborative approach and strong leadership abilities, making her not only a seasoned professional but also a dedicated team player who values creativity and teamwork. We are excited about the fresh perspectives and expertise she will contribute to our company, and we anticipate many successes with her on board. Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Jenny and supporting her as she transitions into her new role.

Originally supplying their first cleanroom consumable products in the mid 00’s with the introduction of an IPA pre-sat laundered polyester sterile wipe, Micronclean then expanded their consumables product range in 2013. Micronclean now offer a vast range of cleanroom consumables from trigger sprays, to wipes, to tacky mats and are one of the biggest names in the industry doing so.

The Micronclean disinfectant range consists of tub wipes, sessional pack wipes and trigger sprays, each with their own host of benefits to your cleanroom.

Cleanroom grade alcohol needs to have a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, rapid antimicrobial action and rapid evaporation to minimise surface wet times, and extremely low residues. Micronclean CleanGuard trigger sprays come in both sterile and non-sterile alternatives with a 70/30 blend of IPA to WFI, or IMS to WFI, perfect for use in cleanrooms or isolators. The trigger sprays’ ergonomic design has been carefully and thoughtfully engineered with the user in mind. It has a mechanically sealed, tamper-evident trigger head, a low centre of gravity bottle design, a transparent bottle and a long trigger handle with safety lock feature.

The sessional wipes are a non-woven polycellulose, C-Folded wipe, with high absorbency, stored in a re-sealable pouch for increased disinfectant retention. The pack size quantities make these pre-sat wipes perfect for minimising wastage. The pouch wipes are the perfect cleanroom hard surface wiper. The Alpha and Beta variants are validated to be rotational with each other, while Delta provides optimal cleaning. IPA or IMS wipes with 70/30 blend WFI are also available.

Designed for low grade cleanroom areas, the tub wipes are a continuous filament thermo-bonded nonwoven polypropylene wipe. Designed for high volume usage, the tubs have long lasting alcohol retention.

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