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DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 Xpert

While protective suits and garments in a cleanroom may look very similar, the most important factor is how they perform against the conditions you are faced with in the cleanroom. 

DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 Xpert Hooded Coverall is made of the ideal material for an applications requirement for a low-linting garment such as pharmaceuticals – its strong high density polyethylene fibers means it doesn’t shed fibers. Also, the open structure of the garment shows the best breathability performance while not compromising the protection performance – Tyvek® offers the best balance of comfort and protection. In comparison to microporous film, it removes humidity significantly faster. 

Tyvek® is the only type 5/6 coverall on the market with superior particulate protection, an ergonomic design for enhanced protection and it can be eco-packed to provide a more sustainable packing alternative, including limited use of plastic and paper. 

DuPont™ as a company have many policies and tests to determine to quality level of their product, and have a criteria that each product must pass – these are:

  •  be safe for use, correctly labelled to avoid misuse
  • meet performance marketing claims, with the support of technical data
  • composition verification for carcinogens and do not contain REACH substances or DMF
  • allergy testing must be conducted and a latex review by a toxicologist
  • minimise environmental footprint
  • ensure packaging and production meets the highest ethical and environmental standards. 
DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 Xpert Hooded Coverall

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