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Disposable Cleanroom Clothing

While there are definitely strong arguments regarding reusable vs disposable cleanroom clothing,  disposable clothing has been proven to have many benefits to the cleanroom and controlled environment sector. 

Suitable uses for disposable cleanroom clothing may include the following:

  • When very low numbers of cleanroom garments are required.
  • When cleanroom clothing isn’t worn as often.
  • When heavy-staining or harmful materials and substances would make decontamination of reusable clothing impossible.
  • For use as a back-up for re-usable garments i.e. visitors, contractors etc.
  • When it is necessary to have cleanroom clothing which is also required to act as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This is often the case for pharmaceutical manufacturing when specific chemical repellency is needed.
  • To provide the best contamination control option e.g. cleanroom gloves. 

Having the correct PPE for the environment you are working in and the tasks you are carrying out is pivotal to cleanroom success and employee wellness – we have posted a previous blog post on how to choose which cleanroom clothing is right for your cleanroom if you are in the process of making that decision. 

There is a huge safety risk involved with not having the correct PPE for the daily tasks.  Did you know about 30% of hand injuries in the workplace are due to having the wrong kind of glove, according to the National Safety Council? When it comes to finding clothing to support your workplace procedures, there are some big name brands within the industry that have a heavy focus on the combination of comfort and protection, for example Dupont and Shield Scientific. Brands may also have their own information on their respective websites regarding how best to differentiate between knowing which style of garment is suitable for your needs. 

With the Annex 1 being rewritten for the first time since 2008, with a complete overturn of the latest advice and updates, now is the perfect time to evaluate your cleanroom garments. At Critical Environment Solutions Ltd, we also have a huge sale on a whole range of cleanroom disposables from a variety of different brands from Dupont to Ansell. 


For more information on the range of cleanroom disposables that we have on offer, or for queries regarding our sale items, please email or call us 01793 512505. 


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