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Disinfectant Resistance

Cleanroom Technology have recently released their latest advice on disinfectant resistance – this is a crucial element in the pharmaceutical industry and therefore this blog will reiterate the key points made in the article. 

The cleaning product industry has grown rapidly over the course of the last few years, seeing major companies increase their product ranges as well as their services. However, with society going back to a new normal after the pandemic, this is the perfect time to review the cleaning products and systems that you have in place. 

A regular review of the products and the systems you have in place is hugely beneficial to any cleanroom or controlled environment to prevent contamination risks and increase productivity within the workplace. Disinfectant resistance is a huge factor in the analysis and assessment of your cleaning routine and product list. It is a huge issue that is starting to emerge as unwanted particles, i.e. dirt can manifest in places where disinfectant may not reach. In these instances, these micro-organisms are exposed to disinfectant in a significantly lower concentration than those on easier surfaces and in more reachable places. The lower the concentration of the disinfectant, the higher the chance that the micro-organism you and your cleanroom do not want can remain prevalent. 

Considering the chemicals in the disinfectant is principal when choosing which disinfectant products and methods you are picking. For example, bleach is an incredibly effective killer of bacteria and viruses, it can be really damaging and irritant on the skin, causing burns, damage to the eye and upon inhalation of the fumes, can harm the respiratory tract. 

We recommend, where necessary, to interchange two different disinfectant on a rotatory basis. This helps minimise the risk of the micro-organisms in your cleanroom or controlled environment becoming resistant. At CES, we have a full range of cleaning products, from dry wipes to spray disinfectants to mopping systems. We also have a huge sale on a whole host of leading brands from Vileda to Contec – there is never a better time to upgrade the cleanliness of your cleanroom and at discounted prices. 

For more information on our range of cleaning systems and disinfectant, please email us at or call us on 01793 512505. 

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