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Contec REFIBE Wipe

Sustainability and recycling are becoming increasingly more important for manufacturers, distributors and consumers in all industries around the world. Operating within the pharmaceutical industry where you are responsible for the maintenance of a critical environment means pursuing environmentally conscious products and protocols is high on your list of priorities, partly due to the high consumption of resources used on a regular basis. Traditional environmentally friendly practices such as re-using products such as wipes have been proven to be able to cause high contamination rates and inconsistent performance levels, due to having to temporarily halt business for deep cleaning. 

The Contec Refibe wipe is a knitted polyester wipe made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics. Each pack of wipes uses 35+ plastic bottles that have gone through a scrupulous cleaning process before being converted to polyester chip. The chip is emitted and spun in a traditional yarn manufacturing process before being knitted into fabric. This fabric is converted and laundered exactly the
same as Contec’s standard polyester heat-sealed wipes. The ReFIBE wipes are subject to the same quality and process control protocols as our virgin polyester products, eliminating the fear of compromising quality for sustainability.

Using the ReFIBE wipes will help your company to: 

  • Divert plastics from oceans and landfill
  • Meet company sustainability goals
  • Help to reduce your company’s environmental impact


To learn more about pricing, availability and lead times, please email us at or call us on 01793 512505. 

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