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Cleanroom Wipers: Things to consider

Although heavily prevalent in the consumer market within the past few years with the pandemic, active cleaning with saturated wipes is no new feat for cleanroom operators. They know from experience that saturated wipers offer the most consistent approach for maintaining cleanrooms in a pristine condition, so it was sensible and wise to impose a similar process for sanitizing surfaces in a home environment. Whether at work or home, wipes pre-saturated with just the right amount of solution offer a high level of convenience by removing the need for people to spend time preparing, diluting, and mixing cleaning agents. Additionally, they ensure highly effective cleaning by delivering the right amount of chemistry to the hard surface to kill the viruses or bacteria.

Convenience is vital for both types of cleaning. If the cleaning product is not conveniently available, cleaning frequency will likely be compromised. In this regard, pre-wetted wipers provide everything needed in one product – the wipers, the wetting solution, and the packaging. They are far more convenient than locating bags of suitable wipers, preparing wetting solutions at the appropriate concentration, and wetting the wiper to the correct level of dampness. The convenience and consistency of a pre-wetted wiper product translate into a much greater likelihood of cleaning and achieving efficacy.

However, it is also worth noting the importance of a dry wipe. Absorbing and cleaning spillages within your cleanroom or controlled environment is a step not to be overlooked. While it’s a simple human error for the most part, some chemicals can be very harmful to the dermal layer of your skin, causing burning and allergic reactions, among many other effects. Even in more simple circumstances, it poses a risk on floors in relation to slips, trips and falls. Having a dry wipe would be very efficient for quickly tackling an accidental spillage that is a potential risk. Sterility may also be a huge factor depending on the grade of your cleanroom or controlled environment. Having sterile wipers may be fundamental for the purpose and efficacy of the operations and roles required. 

With the Annex 1 being finalised and published, now is the perfect time to ensure your cleaning systems adhere with the up-to-date guidelines and regulations. At Critical Environment Solutions, we offer a full range of pre-saturated, dry, sterile and non-sterile wipers from a range of well-known and highly respected cleanroom brands such as Berkshire and Contec. If you aren’t sure what’s the best wiper for the environment, or have general queries about products, quantities and pricing, please email us at or call us on 01793 512505 and the sales team will be happy to support your journey. 

Please see the brochure for our wipes below: 


Berkshire Cleanroom Wiper

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