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Berkshire Cleanroom Proper Wiper Folding and Surface Cleaning

Berkshire are driving the technology of contamination control. Berkshire have created a Guide to properly fold and use a low linting wiper for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in a controlled environment.

Recommended Surface Wiping Procedures

A. Prior to entering the cleanroom, follow written SOPs for proper hand hygiene, garment donning, and gloving procedures.
B. Disinfect and clean using proper wiping technique.
C. Quarter-fold the wiper to get the maximum use out of the wiper and to prevent recontamination. Turn to a new wiper surface after each straight stroke.
D. Always wipe using overlapping strokes, in a parallel direction. Use a new wiper surface with each linear stroke and always wipe from back to front, cleanest to dirtiest and driest to wettest.
E. Never wipe in a circular motion

1. Hold the wiper in mid-air. Take the wiper by its edges and fold in half. The wiper should not be placed on any surface during the folding action.

2. Fold the wiper in half again, creating four cleaning faces: two outside and two inside

3. Work from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest areas in long, overlapping unidirectional strokes. Each face of the wiper will be used for one straight stroke. Turn the wiper over and make a second stroke.

4. Refold the wiper as shown in Step 2 to enclose the two contaminated faces and expose the two clean faces. Repeat Step 3 using the two clean faces.

5. Wiper may be completely unfolded, reversed, and refolded beginning again at Step 1 to enclose the four contaminated faces and expose the four remaining clean faces.

To see how to properly fold and clean surfaces effectively and efficiently in controlled environments, watch the video below.

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