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Cleanroom Clothing

Cleanroom Clothing

There are many contributory factors to the risk of contamination in a cleanroom, clothing being one of the biggest factors. Traditional day-to-day clothing is manufactured to be comfortable, however this usually results in a large production of fibres and particles. Low-lint fabrics are more tailored to cleanroom clothing as it eliminates the contamination control risk. 

Donning and doffing on your cleanroom clothing is equally as pivotal to cleanroom efficiency – depending on the purpose and grade of your cleanroom, this routine will differ but it is vital that the processes are followed to not compromise the efficacy of your cleanroom. A standard process could include information on what garments should be worn, where they can be worn, the order in which they should be put on, how they should be fastened and the requirement for hand sanitisation. 

Below is a list of a few things that you should consider when deciding which cleanroom garments are appropriate for your cleanroom:

  • Fabric qualities that may be of relevance to your cleanroom or controlled environment, for example chemical resistance, water repellent or anti-microbial. 
  • Brands – CES Ltd sell many different brands such Dupont, Kimtech and Microzone which is our own brand.
  • Disposable vs launderable garments.
With a commitment to quality and providing the highest level of customer service and technical support, CES are able to offer an unrivalled supply solution to a wide range of business sectors. We can offer a full product evaluation service and recommend the best and most appropriate products for use within your cleanroom or controlled environment. This will ensure you are using products that meet the specification required whilst providing the most cost-effective pricing. Our many years of experience has shown that a full review of the products you are currently purchasing can often result in cost savings. In many instances, products can be over specified for the cleanroom environment they are used in.

If you require a full review please contact our sales team.

From face masks, to coveralls, to eye protection to footwear and headwear, Critical Environment Solutions Ltd provide a whole range of cleanroom clothing that can support the daily running of your cleanroom or controlled environment.

Click here to see the whole range of cleanroom clothing that we can provide.


Yes. You can either email us at or call us on 01793512505 and our sales will be able to assist you with finding the right products for your cleanroom. 

You can place an order in a few different ways. We accept orders over the phone by calling 01793512505, through the online shop on the website or through an email to

Launderable garments are available through our parent company Micronclean Ltd. Below is a link to the page with the instructions. 

Cleanroom Laundry Services – Critical Environment Solutions

Cleanroom Clothing

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