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Cleanroom Access Mats & Flooring

The control of contamination  entering a cleanroom whether foot-borne or wheel-born is a very important consideration in your cleanroom operating procedures. This is specifically important for high traffic loads.  Access control mats come in two types:

1 Disposable Tear Off Tacky/Sticky Mats 

These use an adhesive surface to take contamination away from feet and wheels. Generally a cheaper solution more suited for lower traffic environments.

CES offer a large range of disposable Tacky/Sticky Mats in a range of sizes and two colours White or Blue. Click Here

Cleanroom Tacky Mats


2 Dedicated Access Control Mats –

  • Specially designed and manufactured to capture, retain and reduce foot and wheel-borne viable and non-viable particulates, over an extended period of time.
  • These mats are normally
  • washable, high performance contamination control mats for use with high traffic loads.
  • These can be self installed for smaller areas but can be custom made and installed by professionals for larger areas
GuardTack 3 Walk Click Here
is a versatile, long lasting, specially developed flooring system. Expertly installed by trained 
service technicians.
GuardTack 4 Pro Click Here
is heavier duty flooring system with strengthened backing. Expertly installed by trained service 
GuardTack 5 Self-install Click Here
is delivered to you as a flat packed finished mat. Simply unpack and install into the desired area 
Sticky Mats, Cleanroom Flooring, Tacky Mats

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