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Micronova Accordion Under/Over Handlw – QDAH


Accordion/Over-Under™ Handle
Within the Isolator or HoodThese electropolished stainless steel, collapsible handles are designed to deal with the unique space limitations in isolators and containment hoods. 

Available in 13” and 19” sizes, each section features a delrin hinge and quick disconnect to allow for attachment of additional sections and ultimately the cleanroom mop adapter.


The unique design allows the operator to fit the collapsed handle into the pass thru and once inside the isolator provides the extended reach necessary to cover all surfaces.


Outside of the Isolator


When connected to a standard handle, the Accordion Handle allows the operator to angle the mop head to effectively and comfortably clean ‘over and under’ obstacles in a cleanroom or controlled environment.



Product id: QDAH-13, QDAH-19

Material: Electropolished Stainless Steel/Delrin
Accessories: All QD – Quick Disconnect Adapters, SSU Series Handles, SSA-2/3 Acme Thread Adapters
Application: Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Isolators, Hoods

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