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“Why buy a Rolls Royce when a Mini will do the job”

Specifying Cleanroom Products

In over thirty years of selling consumables to Companies that operate cleanrooms, one of the most common answers I get when asking customers “why they use a particular product” is “that’s what we have always used”.  Whilst this is not quite so common today it is still something that I hear quite frequently.

Change controls are often used as a reason for avoiding change but advances in technologies and efficiency improvements have allowed various products to be developed that can outperform traditional items both operationally and commercially, thus “ticking all the boxes”.

Another common scenario I find is that quite frequently end users over specify a product which means that they are paying for technical benefits they do not need and in most instances are paying a higher price than an equally suitable product that meets all their criteria.

For example the use of a laser sealed edge wipe, when perhaps a polyester/cellulose non-woven wipe is quite adequate for the cleanroom environment it is required to be used in.

Over Specifying Cleanroom Products



Conversely of course there are users that are selecting products that fall well short of the technical criteria for the grade of cleanroom requirement. This can sometimes be due to ignorance although more than likely in the majority of instances due to a price restraints .

This is an equally interesting prospect as it is often possible to meet both commercial and operational requirements by selecting another product.

Under Specifying Cleanroom Products



For example the use of a polyester/cellulose non-woven wipe when the cleanroom class and application requires a laser sealed edge wipe to reduce particle and fibre generation.

To conclude, I see little benefit in “upselling” cleanroom products when a lower cost alternative will suffice.

Here at Critical Environment Solutions Ltd we review both existing and new customers’ requirements to ensure they are at the very least aware of what is available. We look to recommend the most suitable product for the environment and application and provide the option of a branded or own brand solution. The message here is very much “horses for courses” prevails and avoid buying a luxury car when an economic runabout will suffice.

So maybe go “Middle of the Road” … a product that does what you want at the price you can afford to pay.

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