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KIMTECH – Solutions for the Biotech Industry

What are Biopharmaceuticals?

Complex medicines made from living cells or organisms.

What are the different types of Biopharmaceuticals?

1. Cytokines (impacts the interactions and communications between cells)

2. Monoclonal antibodies (fights disease like natural antibodies)

3. Enzymes (speeds up biochemical reactions)

4. Immunomodulators (affects immune response)

Host cell line production:
Purpose: choosing the host cell and getting the gene of interest into cells.
Product impact: mutation of the gene of interest, host cell differences in
protein expression and post-translational modifications, host cell impurities,
level of protein expression

Cell culture:
Purpose: production of the target protein under target growth conditions
(temperature, media, pH, etc.)
Product impact: process productivity, post-translational modification,
product degradation and host cell impurity levels

Purpose: removal of host cell and impurities through centrifugation,
filtration and chromatography using target conditions (temperature, pH,
flow rates, and binding density, etc)
Product impact: extent of removal of impurities or product modifications
(wanted or unwanted), protein degradation/ aggregation, biological activity.

Purpose: final concentration and placing the protein in target buffer
and container for long-term storage and shipment.
Product impact: formulation of aggregates/ product degradation,
impurities that can cause immune reactions, shelf life.

Kimtech™ have a flexible head to toe solution for Upstream and Downstream operations including:

• Kimtech™ Gloves
• Kimtech™ Face Masks and hoods
• Kimtech™ Apparel
• Kimtech™ Shoecovers

What was good enough in the past, will not be in the future – single use is now a trend. Kimtech™ single use solutions makes your customer compliant at all levels from Global compliance to higher operator satisfaction and effectiveness.

Important Considerations

To view full brochure on Kimtech’s solutions for the Biotech Industry click HERE

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